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This experiment employs a similar system which involves using system of leds lightemitting diode and photoresistors which act as sensors to operate the electromagnets that are laid out on along the magnetic levitation track, which acts as the propulsion system. Make use of the principals of magnetic repulsion to seemingly defy the law of gravity. Pdf on jul 1, 2019, metin ekinci and others published magnetic levitation circuit. In this paper, an optimal design procedure was required in order to develop a magnetic levitation system for a contactless delivery application shown in figure 1. Tutorial and experiments on magnetic levitation the signal path. With maglev, a vehicle is levitated a short distance away from a. The maglev experiment consists of an electromagnet encased in a rectangular enclosure. May 18, 2017 how to make levitating pencil using magnet. Diamagnetic levitation high field magnet laboratory hfml. Objective the goal of this project is to design an analog controller for the system shown in figure 1. Thank you for the experiment, my object which i want to levitate is about 200g, could you help me about it. Abstractlowcost magnetic levitation project kits are used in teaching system design in an introductory undergraduate control systems course. Match levitation watch as a lit match floats into midair.

P1811 levitating a diamagnet 1 create a strong field with a field gradient. Magnetic levitation project step by step procedure byjus. The input voltage is applied to a coil that creates the electromagnetic field. Cells consist of micro and nanoscale components and materials that contribute to their fundamental magnetic and density signatures. Through this experiment, a method for determining liftoff power, levitation height. In the case of magnetic attraction, the experiment is known as magnetic suspension. Richard post from lawrence livermore national labs llnl.

The magnets used in magnetic levitation suspend an object free of contact with any surface, making it particularly appropriate for highspeed 275300 mph435475 kmh transportation, where it greatly reduces friction and allows for fast, quiet operation. Download the seminar report for magnetic levitation. A maglev train levitates above the ground and is propelled at speeds of up to 300 miles per hour by powerful superconducting electromagnets. Magnetic force is used to counteract the effects of the gravitational acceleration and any other accelerations. Make sure the magnets are spaced an equal distance apart and have the same polarity facing up. The magnetic levitation system is a nonlinear dynamic system with one input and one output. Whether watching that movie about wizards or catching up on our magic tricks, we love it when things mysteriously rise into the air. The magnetic levitation system mls is a complete after assembling and software. Introduction magnetic levitation is becoming widely applicable in magnetic bearings, highspeed.

Apr 10, 2011 magnetic levitation wind turbine maximum overall efficiency of windmill is 30%. The basic idea is to make a magnet float by holding it up with the repelling force from another magnet. For details on how the signals are measured and transferred to the pc, refer to. Magnetic levitation on a typei superconductor as a practical. Magnetic levitation transportation has many advantages over the conventional trains. Maglev, or magnetic levitation, is a system of transportation that suspends, guides and propels vehicles, predominantly trains, using magnetic levitation from a very large number of magnets for lift and propulsion. Measuring densities of solids and liquids using magnetic. The maglev project consists of two construction phases. Diamagnetic levitation was first demonstrated as long ago as in 1939 when small beads of graphite and bismuth were levitated in an electromagnet for historic details, read physics today pdf, 689 kb. Having enough force to levitate it isnt the problem. Physics project on magnetic levitation and its applications. In this process an object is suspended above another with no other support but magnetic fields.

This is an amazing magnet trick where you can make a levitating pencil which will not be in contact. Magnetic levitation technology is a perfect solution to achieve better performance for many motion systems, e. Manipulating magnetic fields and controlling their forces can levitate an object. Pdf magnetic levitation is a way of using electromagnetic fields to levitate objects without any noise. Magnetic levitation technology has shown a great deal of promise for.

With maglev, a vehicle is levitated a short distance away from a guide way using magnets to. The method realizes stable and welldamped levitation. A magnetic levitation method that combines all the known advantages of active magnetic bearings in a selfsensing configuration is presented. The \maglev experiment is a magnetic ball suspension system which is used to levitate a steel ball in air by the electromagnetic force generated by an.

A high speed maglev train uses noncontact magnetic levitation, guidance and propulsion systems and has no. The goal of the magnetic levitation train maglev project is to develop a small scale magnetic levitation train based on inductrack technology developed by dr. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. One electromagnet pole faces a black post upon which a 2. Tutorial and experiments on magnetic levitation the. Experiment and simulation of superconducting magnetic. This project is a continuation of work done by paul friend in 2004. Modeling and control for a magnetic levitation system. Provided here is a simple step by step procedure of magnetic levitation project with detailed explaination using two bar magnets and two ring magnets. Maglev 1 magnetic levitation experiment quanser consulting inc. Magnetic levitation is the use of magnetic fields to levitate a usually metallic object.

Notice, that in this experiment the sphere is not levitating. Dynamic modeling, timedomain analysis, pi and pid feedback control. Design, implementation and control of a magnetic levitation device. The physical model of a magnetic levitation system.

Magnetic levitation an overview sciencedirect topics. It took scientists another 50 years to rediscover levitation when physicists from grenoble lifted several organic materials by the diamagnetic. The second are gyroscopic effects due to the spinning of the top, which account for the stability of the levitation. The first is the magnetic repulsion, which provides the force for levitation. Magnetic levitation measures densities by exploiting the balance between the magnetic force which depends on the magnetic properties of the objects and of the suspending medium and the gravitational force which depends on the densities of the objects and of the medium. Using magnetic repulsion, it becomes magnetic levitation. In addition to the developments on classical active magnetic bearings amb, recently, the research on more energy efficient systems associated to the developments on highstrength permanent magnet materials led the scientific community to focus on. Attempts were made to find the correct arrangement of permanent magnets to. The structural features of the basic maglev system are shown in figure 1.

Levitating a diamagnet 1 create a strong field with a field gradient. The floating magnet tends to rotate around, flipping itself to attract to the other magnet. Repulsive magnetic levitation using arduino simple design. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This method has the potential to be faster, quieter and smoother than wheeled mass transit systems. Check your email now to learn more and for a special offer from steve spangler science. Magnetic levitation is demonstrated with the capability of adjusting the levitation location. The physics of magnetic levitation physics 212x spring 2011 john dutton 04122011 magnets make up a huge part of our everyday lives. Magnetic levitation maglev is an innovative transportation technology. Mechatronics magnetic levitation control experiments test. Magnetic levitation on a typei superconductor as an experiment for students 5 figure 2. If the same windmill is operating at 50% of its maximum speed the efficiency becomes very low. One of the features of maglev systems is reduction of imagination, which makes. There are two main properties that allow the levitron to levitate stably.

The following manual refers to the feedback instruments magnetic levitation control. Doubleclick the magnetic levitation plant model to open this subsystem. Magnetic levitation is a highly advanced technology. Bababe 2 1 department of elect rical and electronics enginee ring, university of maiduguri, bo rno state nigeria. Experimenting with a superconducting levitation train.

We want to design an analog compensator such that the dc gain is 1 a1 mm and the phase margin is 60 degrees. It is sometimes said to be the first fundamental innovation in the field of railroad technology since the invention of the railway. Students receive individual kits along with assembly instructions for building a magnetic levitation device that is marginally stable, and they are then challenged to modify the system to improve. Magnetic levitation wind turbine maximum overall efficiency of windmill is 30%. The maglev experiment consists of an electromagnet encased in a. Magnetic levitation principles introduction magnetic fields are used to describe forces at a distance from electric currents. Have the kids attach four of the ring magnets to a flat surface with some modeling clay. Introduction magnetic levitation is becoming widely applicable in magnetic bearings, highspeed ground transportation, vibration isolation, etc. Magnetic levitation maglev or magnetic suspension is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields. The common point in all applications is the lack of contact and thus no wear and friction. As a first step, the design goal was to reduce the weight of the electromagnet of the magnetic levitation system with the constraint of normal force, considering the initial model.

Repulsive magnetic levitation using arduino simple. By using repulsive force from the lower coil to levitate a single magnet, a siso system is created, which is our focus in this experiment. Nov 10, 2018 in this video you will learn how to make arduino based repulsive magnetic levitation device using single electromagnet coil, hall sensor, and magnets. An experiment was performed to emphasize the effect of distance on the. Magnetic levitation of rotors has been an important research subject in the last decades. The first experiment studies system nonlinear characteristics, and the second experiment studies system dynamic characteristics with a number of different control actions. Give students control of a realworld application magnetic levitation technology is used in systems such as maglev trains and electromagnetic cranes.

The magnetic levitation system is a classic electro mechanical experiment with interesting nonlinear dynamics and control challenges. Modeling and control of a magnetic levitation system concepts emphasized. Magnetic levitation trains and conventional trains. Experimenting with maglev models and other magnetic levitation. The repelling magnetic force between the magnets is strong enough to overcome the gravity pulling objects to earth and allows the objects to hover in the air. Physics behind the levitron massachusetts institute of. Magnetic levitation control experiments magnetic levitation set description the description of the maglev setup in this section refers to the mechanicalelectrical part and the control aspect. Magnetic levitation on a typei superconductor as a. Hardware the ecp magnetic levitation maglev design see fig. Dec 21, 20 physics project on magnetic levitation and its applications. Previous studies have claimed that magnetic levitation can only be used to measure density signatures of nonliving materials. Experimenting with a superconducting levitation train santosh miryala1 m.

Youll receive an email every wednesday with a handson science experiment that you can do yourself. A simple project to demonstrate magnetic levitation uses six ring magnets, a pencil and some modeling clay. In this video you will learn how to make arduino based repulsive magnetic levitation device using single electromagnet coil, hall sensor, and magnets. From the ones on the fridge, the speakers in your car, and propelling high speed trains, magnets are being used constantly. Magnetic levitation system introduction there are two experiments in this lab. Electromagnet weight reduction in a magnetic levitation.

The ball elevation from the post is measured using a sensor embedded in the post. This paper deals with the magnetic levitation control system of a metallic sphere. Match levitation experiments steve spangler science. It is kept nearby the electromagnet by the supporting structure. Modeling and control of a magnetic levitation system.

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