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Discover the best logbooks apps for pilots selected by logbook experts aileron. Among those steps is one aimed at bringing the capabilities of pro line. I found many great opinions on logten pro which is only available for apples platforms, whereas i found almost no opinions on mccpilotlog which is available to. There are several great logbook services available. Logten pro has been our top pick among pilot logbook apps for years, with a nice mix of powerful features and an easytouse interface. It is the tool of choice for tens of thousands of pilots in nearly 200 countries, and every major airline. Logbook pro and apdl far 117 airline pilot flight log. The only pilots who defend it are just trying to justify their investment. And a nice feature is that the app can be linked to a dropbox account, which allows data to stay in sync over the air and creates a. Logbook pro is the choice among pilots for its reputation as the most trusted, reliable, and accurate electronic flight logbook available. Worst case, you can export your data and upload it into one of these other systems if it ff or gp isnt meeting your needs. Logbooks arent just a way to keep a track of your flight times and.

However, it might be worth trying out the logbook app you already have access to. We are being swamped by pilots that quit on logten pro as coradine introduced its new subscription plan some time ago. Logten pro is the worlds most advanced pilot logbook software for iphone, ipad, and mac. Subscriptions logbook pro mobile formerly cloud sync cloud backup for logbook pro desktop airline schedule importer. Logten comes popu lated with a large database of aircraft types and more. Take our customers word for it super easy to use and quick setup. Im curious to see if any formats have had repeatable success at an interview with swa. Alex, an airline jet captain, and gordon, an entrepreneur and avid private pilot. Id still suggest considering logten pro x, logbook pro, mccpilotlog, and zululog. Logten pro universal pilot logbook ipa cracked for ios free. And with logten pros preloaded endorsements, over 70 endorsements are ready and waiting with all the text you need preloaded, so all you have to do is add the specific details for the pilot. Logten pro is the most advanced pilot logbook for ios, used by over 75,000 pilots world wide to track flight time, currency, endorsements, duty. Additionally, you can select from fullycustomizable and international options, like the coradine internetional or coradine dynamic. Oct 20, 2014 logten pro x features an allnew look and plenty of new features.

Coradine has been leading in electronic pilot logbook innovation since 2003. Track certificates, easily export and print professional reports. As already said its a great piece of software, only a one off payment 69 euro unlike safelog think every 3 years you license fee, but i cant remember 100%, i can also import everything from my airlines online roster. Designed to take full advantage of the latest operating systems and apple hardware, logten pro is so much more than your logbook. Printing services convenience and value when you have us professionally print your pilot logbook on our high quality paper, install it in the binder you select, and ship it to you, all in one package, it frees up your valuable time for pilot job applications and important interview preparation. The latest version, logten pro universal, is the best yet, and works on ipad, iphone and ipod touch. Fits prosoft brand professional pilot logbook offered on amazon. Professional pilot logbook buying guide paper, digital. Logten pro is a professional mac pilot logbook solution for pilots of all experience levels. Apr 18, 2012 one of the first truly standalone logbook apps for ipad was logten pro, and the app has continued to improve over the years.

Logten pro was logten pro centurion is an international pilot logbook platform for all your apple devices. When i was learning to fly, the first thing that would do upon returning from a flight would be to diligently update my logbook. Excel pilot logbook professional logbook spreadsheet. Improved flight exporter, and importing of flights exported from logten pro 5 into another logten pro 5 logbook. Like was said above it wont import the ship number reliably and wont log things like night, instrument, approaches, or landings since those arent displayed on your rotation. Download cracked logten pro universal pilot logbook ipa file from the largest cracked app store, you can also download on your mobile device with appcake. Logten pro for mac is this the ultimate airline pilot logbook. At universal avionics we are very proud of our 30year history and excited. Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps. Logbook solutionsprinting logbook solutions is for sale. Dec 21, 2017 preferred logten pro logbook format additionally, you can select from fullycustomizable and international options, like the coradine internetional or coradine dynamic. Frequently asked questions can i import another logbook logten pro, foreflight, etc. Logtex pro x is for mac and logbook pro is for windows.

Easily import existing data and customize to your needs. Services turnkey printing service turnkey followon printing service. Coradine logten pro x im sick of giving them money. Binders commander series full size series premier series sport series. The most comprehensive list of pro commander websites last updated on mar 1 2020. Digital print personalised pilot logbook jet black. With logten pro, the only thing you need to do is input your flights and we even make that easy with the fly now feature which captures data from your previous flight and uses gps to determine your departure and arrival location with a single tap.

But lately the app was starting to look tiredthere was no major ios 7 update, for exampleso weve been hoping to see some updates. We hope one of them will fit your needs going forward. Logten pr o is the most advanced pilot logbook for io s, used by over 100,000 pilots worl d wide to track flight tim e, currency, endorsements, duty, rest, bfrs and more. After huge research and a lot of tryouts, the excel logbook solution is the only one really costeffective, fully customizable and really crossplatform. Excel pilot logbook is a universally accessible format for life, editable, and easily customized. Sep 25, 2016 logten pro is the most advanced pilot logbook for ios, used by over 75,000 pilots world wide to track flight time, currency, endorsements, duty, rest, bfrs and more. Most pilots reported to be enraged by the expensive annual charge, going across 2,000 usd for a 30years flying career. I have a macbook pro and just dual boot to windows when i need to access it. Hundreds abandon logten pro as coradine changes payment plan mccpilotlog is swamped by pilots that quit on logten pro as coradine introduces its new subscription plan. Preferred logten pro logbook format airline pilot central. That said, the logbook pro mobile app supports both iphones and android devices. Coradine is the industry leader in electronic pilot logbook services for iphone, ipad, and mac.

If you dont ever plan on owning a windows desktop or notebook computer, just move on. All logbook features are right in the app, so theres no need to ever sync with your laptop or desktop computer. Sep 23, 2016 this video shows pilots how to enter a balance forward to include all their flight time in logten pro and access features without having to enter all individual flights from their paper logbook. Set of 200 sheets, 24 lb aviator green or bright white paper. After the advice i received from asking on here and friends at work, i went for mcc pilot log. Logbook pro can import your rotations as well one at a time, you just need the schedule importer add on. Logbook pro is the world leader in logbook software for pilots on the market serving the aviation industry over 18 years. The quality construction matches the professional look of the airway manual binders. Logbooks matter more than you think heres what you need to. Airplane photography samsung galaxy s3 plane black white motivational. Logten pro uses different colors to identify different types of entries.

We have a template that you can edit in microsoft excel or apple numbers to add lots of flight time or bring over logbook data from another csv source, like an export from another logbook app. So your logbook is current, updated and interview ready whenever you need it. Aviations most popular professional logbook can handle 10 years of data. Many pilots reported to be enraged by the expensive annual charge, going above 4,000 usd for a 30years flying career. Nbaa convention news 101011 issue by ain publications issuu. Automatically track currency and duty limits, as well as filter using powerful smart groups. Logten pro makes your life easier through its super fast flight logging with our fly now feature, detailed analysis of your flight time with the analyze view, the powerful insight technology that monitors all your upcoming flights and warns you of any issues, and our awesome night mode that. Pilot flying, please take a look at the configuring your logbook in. Ive been using the jeppessen professional logbook ever since 2000, when i finished filling out my itty bitty student pilot logbook. Whether youre a cfi, operate a small charter, fly for a major airline, or just own your own plane. It includes simplified pilot and aircraft annual summaries.

Logbook genesis was founded by two friends and like minded individuals. This app, which syncs across mac, iphone, and ipad via icloud, allows users to choose configurations for a student pilot, a certificated flight instructor, or a commercial pilot based on the most common fields for the flying being done. Moullinex moullinex is the alter ego of portuguese producer, dj and multiinstrumentalist luis clara gomes. Coradine aviation logten pro x helps pilots get a job. You can learn all about this process over in our help section. I really like the capabilities that logbook pro offers. With logten pros digital signature feature instructors and examiners can sign logbook entries and endorsements directly on the iphone or ipad.

The only one that is nice is logten, all the others are horrible or they require gymnastics to fill them properly. Preferred logten pro logbook format those of you who use the app know that one of the benefits is that you can choose to format your logbook with name brand logbook formats asa, jepps, etc. Pepper grinder, stuffed peppers, bike, engine, twitter, art, bicycle, stuffed. Some of the blanks to fill in in the opening pages might be a little dated.

Logbooks pilots have been using computers to replace paper logbooks for. I find it unfortunate and confusing that logbook pro and logten pro x have such similar names. Both had recently converted to electronic logbooks and were praising the ease of use and functionality of them, but they were unable to unlock the full potential of their new digital logbooks. This app, which works on the iphone and ipad, offers what it calls a rich logbook experience by offering users a summary of flight times that can be analyzed with an interactive graph.

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