The three musketeers 1938 film

Dartagnan and three musketeers part 1 movie youtube. The three musketeers 1935 alexandre dumas pres historical adventure novel the three musketeers has been filmed so many times and so many famous actors have swashbuckled their way through its roles, its hard to keep up with all the dartagnans and musketeers out there. The second half of the plot is close to the 1935 version of the three musketeers and far from dumas novel. The film features tsui harks regular actor xinxin xiong as a stunt choreographer. The film begins long after the three friends went their separate ways. Instead, its about three women who grew up together in an orphanage, isabelle margaret lindsay, fay ann sheridan and connie marie wilson.

The purple vigilantes 1938 the three mesquiteers youtube. The three musketeers 1948 official trailer lana turner. The animated film about a duckling who read alexander dumas novel three musketeers and fell asleep. One of the finest exhibitions of fencing ever put on the silver screen.

The bbc has commissioned a new version of alexandre dumass the three musketeers an adaptation of the 1938 alfred hitchcock film the lady vanishes will also make up part of 20 hours of drama. The three musketeers 1973 a young swordsman comes to paris and faces villains, romance, adventure and intrigue with three musketeer friends. Three musketeers, the 1939 out of 4 dartagnan don ameche goes to join the three musketeers but he ends up teaming up with three misfits the ritz brothers posing as the musketeers. Young dartagnan leaves gascony for paris where he hopes to become a musketeer of the guard. Its starry trio of dogooders may promise to fight one for all, all for one, but this three musketeers is a slickly unmemorable update bound to satisfy.

Robert livingston, ray corrigan, max terhune director. Anderson and starring matthew macfadyen, logan lerman, ray stevenson, milla jovovich, luke evans, mads mikkelsen, orlando bloom, and christoph waltz. Its all about dartagnan, played by gene kelly, a freshfaced young man coming to paris from the countryside to become a musketeer. To the cry of all for one and one for all comes a version of the dumas classic thats fun for all a rousing, swashbuckling.

The truth is that the three musketeers is the only ritz brothers film ive seen. He is taken under the wings of three of the most respected and feared musketeers, porthos, aramis, and athos. In 1938 the museum of modern art received a 35mm nitrate negative of the film from the estate of douglas fairbanks. It is based on alexandre dumass 1844 novel of the same title with clockpunk elements. Another film version of the three musketeers was released in 1933. The three musketeers is a 1948 film about dartagnan and his musketeer comrades who thwart the plans of royal prime minister richelieu to usurp the kings power. The three musketeers was probably rko studios biggest budget item for 1935. Three women who grew up together in an orphanage get together at least once a year to share the joys and sorrows of their lives. George sherman in the 14th film in this series, david ross organizes the ranchers into a vigilante group to rid the town of outlaws. The three musketeers 1948 official trailer lana turner, gene kelly movie hd dartagnan and his musketeer comrades thwart the plans of royal prime minister richelieu to usurp the kings power.

The three musketeers1935 fencing exhibition youtube. I remember seeing this film years ago, and really enjoying it. This irreverent start does a fine job at setting up the atmosphere for this barely featurelength directtovideo film. A great little fun film about dartagnan and the three musketeers.

Ultimately, this is a skippable movie that insults audiences with a cliffhanger ending that all but begs for a sequel. Its incredibly fastpaced, even though it runs over two hours long which was more of. All critics 1 rotten 1 labored musical version is best with the song of the musketeers and a lively rescue from the cardinals palace. But he soon befriends them and follows them in their. The three musketeers 1921 douglas fairbanks youtube. The three musketeers is a perfect balance of romance, humour, action, excitement and fun.

Here for your viewing pleasure is the 1921 american silent film version of my favorite book by alexandre dumas, the three musketeers. Walter abel had a distinguished career as a fine character actor, but from this film he just not have the charisma needed to carry a whole film. Statistics on the jetpunk quiz the three musketeers franchise. There have been at least 50 different takes on the classic tale, beginning as early as 1903 in france. I really wasnt expecting too much out of this film but found myself enjoying it throughout the short 73minute running time. Broadway musketeers 1938 with upwards of fifty films a year needed to fill their theater chains, each major studio recycled stories to keep the production line moving, resulting in many unacknowledged remakes. Written by robert ardrey, based on the novel by alexandre dumas. The only way to make a bad movie out of the three musketeers is to cast charlie sheen in it as they did in 1993. Binnie barnes, miles mander, pauline moore, joseph schildkraut, allan dwan. The three musketeers is a 1939 musical comedy film adaptation of alexandre dumass novel the three musketeers directed by alan dwan and starring don. I dont really know if i think the ritz brothers are very funny, but the film is elegant, don ameche is a handsome and good hero and you are very much intertained in a cosy family way. If you can, look for the four musketeers, as that movie of the same cast completes the story as told in the novel, the three musketeers. The three musketeers opens with a troubadour turtle who unexpectedly gets a chance to narrate the film with song and a 64page comic book as his storytelling tools.

John english smugglers hijack the mesquiteers truck, but the police catch up, kill the smugglers, and then try to arrest the. The hectic adventures of dartagnan gene kelly, a young provincial noble who came to paris to become a musketeer. The three musketeers 1935 film the three musketeers is a 1935 film directed by rowland v. It is a technicolor adventure film adaptation of the classic novel the three musketeers by alexandre dumas. The film is 186 minutes long, an extremely long movie for a silent film. The only thing i didnt like was that the dvd is a doublesided disc, and so half way through the film you need to turn the disc over to play the rest. It is the first englishlanguage talking picture version of alexandre dumass novel the three musketeers. This cinematic treatment of the novel contained sound, but. Technicolor technicolorasthetik hielt einzug ins kino ray. The three musketeers 1948 is an extremely simple tale of a man dartagnan who comes as a peasant to seek war with the three musketeers who run. For anyone who enjoys classic movies and stories, you cant pass the three musketeers, and needless to say, it belongs in any good silent film collection as well. The three musketeers approved 1h min action, adventure, comedy 17 february 1939 usa dartagnan sings and fronts for slapstick cowardly ritz brothers posing as musketeers.

The three musketeers features barely any musketeers. The dream of a duckling dreamed that he was a musketeer. He does meet three musketeers, athos, porthos and aramis, but totally by chance and for. The three musketeers is a 2011 romantic action adventure film directed by paul w.

He will meet action, love, hate, king louis xiii frank morgan and queen anne dame angela lansbury, as his impetuousness gets him involved in political plots. The three musketeers 1921 original movie film youtube. Athos paul lukas receives dartagnan walter reed for their duel, when the alsochallenged porthos moroni olsen and aramis onslow stevens arrive, followed by the cardinals guard led by ralph faulkner, in rkos the three musketeers, 1935. The three musketeers is a 1935 film directed by rowland v. Dartagnan and three musketeers is a threepart musical miniseries produced in the soviet union and first aired in 1978. The filmmakers had to split the movie into two separate features because the duration of a single film would have been too long for moviegoers. Its a condensed version of the classic novel by alexandre dumas and casts walter abel in the lead role of dartagnan. Lee and starring walter abel, heather angel, ian keith, margot grahame, and paul lukas. The three musketeers 1939 film don ameche as dartagnan. A parodic remake of the story of the young gascon dartagnan, who arrives in paris, his heart set on joining the kings musketeers.

In the public domain, as it was published prior to 1923. As for the three musketeers themselves, theyre forgettable and underdeveloped, a tragic combination for some of literatures most interesting warriors. I love some of the silent movies, you didnt need dialog to enjoy the plot. The three musketeers was produced by douglas fairbanks pictures corp. The three musketeers san francisco silent film festival. Richard lesters adaptation of the three musketeers was only the latest of many when released in 1974, but it arrived with a spirit all its own, one influenced as. The three musketeers 1948 letterboxd your life in film. The three musketeers is a 1939 musical comedy film adaptation of alexandre dumass novel.

The three musketeers is a 1993 americanaustrian actionadventure comedy film from walt disney pictures, caravan pictures, and the kerner entertainment company, directed by stephen herek from a screenplay by david loughery. Three musketeers soviet animated film for children, created at the studio soyuzmultfilm in 1938, directed by ivan ivanovvano. The three musketeers is a 1948 film directed by george sidney, written by robert ardrey, and starring gene kelly and lana turner. The musketeer is a 2001 american actionadventure film based on alexandre dumass classic novel the three musketeers, directed and photographed by peter hyams and starring catherine deneuve, mena suvari, stephen rea, tim roth and justin chambers.

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