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Most motor manufacturers offer online sizing tools that make the process easier, ensure that the best components are selected, and help preserve the design engineers sanity. It is our goal to provide the best product and service from the design phase, through the sale and beyond. Three factors critical to servo motor sizing for linear. I like to make this the rapids speed for a machine so that the peak is matched to the fastest motion. The sizing results for the capacity of the servo amplifier and motor, and regenerative options that fit your application most will be displayed. The system includes a definition of the mechanical load, motion profile including positioning requirements, the servo motor characteristics, and the environment in which the motor and other components are placed. Ac servo motors product information oriental motor. This can be difficult because uninstalling this by hand requires some knowledge related to removing windows programs manually. Trio is a world class manufacturer of highperformance motion, motor and machine controllers.

In particular i like these for driving wheels on medium size robots. Selection of a motor could be done easily by having the details of mechanism or operating condition keyed into the software. The number one calculation to make when sizing a motor for a rotary application is the calculation of the load inertia. The crk series is a motor and driver package product combining a highperformance, 5phase stepping motor with a compact, lowvibration microstep driver offering the smooth drive function.

With reliable technology and a wide range of products, we can provide solutions to. The bmu series 60 line added featured spin and push with easy speed control, easy wiring and quick start, opening the panel with extensive functions and the new brushless motor is compact, high power, and high efficiency motor. But as a designer, or even an end user, its important to have an understanding of the three critical parameters of servo motor sizing. Providing the distance and time, or providing the distance and speed of the required move, will allow the software to determine the continuous.

The specialist of small precision motors oriental motor malaysia product information ac servo motors ac servo motors ac servo motors are suited. F2 oriental motor general catalog 20032004 tec hnical reference motor sizing calculations this section describes certain items that must be calculated to find the optimum motor for a particular application. Motor sizing basics part 4 radial load and axial load. Visualsizer is a generic manufacturer independent servo motor sizing and selection software for the motion control engineer. Sizing software will ask for the system hardware that will be used drive, motor, gearing, load, and will ask for a definition of the type of move the system will perform i. The latest information about oriental motor is provided.

Orientalmotor control motor sizing is an application offered by the software company oriental motor. We have created motors for power and control applications used in individual units, systems and peripheral equipment. When sizing a fuse or a circuit breaker, you need to account for inrush current as well as the maximum current that the product will use. Support software the software can be used with oriental motors stepping motor drivers, servo motor drivers, brushless motor drivers and network converters etc. Besides, it can do teaching and monitoring a condition of each model. Generic device transmission rate10100 mbps autonegotiation communication methodfull duplexhalf duplex autonegotiation cable specificationsshielded twistedpair stp cablestraightthroughcrossover cable, category 5e or higher. It includes databases containing 6000 motordriveamplifier combinations of various motor manufacturers. Being the first small motor manufacturer in japan to offer standardized compact motors, oriental motor have been innovating and expanding its fields of technical expertise throughout the years. The kollmorgen tbm torquer brushless motor series direct drive frameless motor is designed to be directly embedded in your machine, using the machines own bearings to support the rotor. The proper sizing of threephase induction motors saves energy and reduces downtime. Servo motor sizing spreadsheet free download enginexcel. Most motor sizing software do not consider axial or radial loads, so dont forget to confirm your radial load and axial load after sizing your motor.

Servo motor sizing spreadsheet can be tried for free for 15 days. Motor sizing software software features ac servosmelservo. The motor controllers work well and they have nice gearbox configurations. Oriental motor offers a wide range of motion control products to meet a wide range of applications, select the appropriate application type below. Proper sizing and selection of a motor for your equipment is key to ensuring performance, reliability and cost of the equipment. The construction monkey motor calculator lets you figure out electrical characteristics of your system given a specific motor. Visualsizersureservo calculates the torque, speed and inertia requirements according to the users application specification, processes all sureservo motor data from a database and finally creates a list of all sureservo motors that match the requirements. We have release the latest motor sizing software version 4.

After the trial period you will have to purchase a license to continue using the spreadsheet with full functionality. This is a critical value as it tells you the pulse frequency your cnc software has. This software allows you to model your system mechanics, simulate complex motion profiles, specify amplifier voltage limits and then filter the results to quickly choose from thousands of motor and drive combinations. Tech support 1800govexta 4683982 international customers.

These online motor sizing tools are designed to make sizing a motor faster and easier. Email address the specialist of small precision motors oriental motor india technical support. The total amount of time for the application to move to its ending position. Motor sizing software for ac and dc motors used in factory automation applications. Our technical support staff is available to assist you in properly sizing and selecting your motor based on your individual application. This software can perform selection of a motor easily by having the details of mechanism or. This is the total distance that you want the application to move in inches or mm. Motor sizing software contact us home product information stepping motors. The specialist of small precision motors oriental motor india service motor selection service motor selection service we can provide such laborious tasks as torque calculation and motor selection for you to save your time and manpower. Take part in our free online seminars on oriental motor products.

Rated current is the current that is required while operating in the continuous duty region of the motors speed torque curve. Motor sizing motor sizing refers to the process of picking the correct motor for a given load. The software installer includes 4 files and is usually about 27. To make this calculation, its generally best to approximate the load as a disc or cylinder. After selecting the series and functions, you can click on the motor search to generate a list of models base on the specifications. Motor sizing, startup and servo adjustment support software. Servo motor sizing spreadsheet is tested on microsoft excel 2007, 2010, 20 and 365 for windows. Visualsizer professional free version download for pc. Motion control systems a complete family of motion. It will show you the model numbers with details no matter if it could be used.

Application process technical support demo videos monthly newletter brochure download. Stepping motors product information oriental motor. The specialist of small precision motors oriental motor malaysia service support software mexe02 you can set and edit operation data and each parameter by a computer. Rbe the rbe series from kollmorgen is a proven platform offering many years of direct drive motor solutions. Make your selections below and the form will automatically. Communication protocolethernetip comminucation conforms with ct16 vendor id187. It determines the linear amount inches or mm that the system will move based on one pulse or step of the motor. Sizing spreadsheet example using 3102s motor prepackaged software that incorporates additional featur es such as simplified motion profile modeling, amplifier and power supply sizing, and stored dat abases of motor parameters can be created. Orientalmotor control motor sizing is a program developed by oriental motor. It offers the highest standards of speed control now at an affordable price.

These forms calculate the necessary torque, speed, stopping accuracy and system inertia important when selecting a proper motor for the application. Oriental motor offers an extensive product lineup of about 50,000 different products that provide the optimal motion system. In the nx series catalog, we only show the rated current of our products. Oriental motor can provide you with a wide range of services that can meet your requirements during the preprocurement to postprocurement stages. Wiring oriental motor motors robots for roboticists. Its purpose is to determine what axis speed youll have when your motor is operating at peak torque. Tuning, monitoring, diagnostics, reading or writing parameters and test operations can be done easily with the setup software on a personal computer. By inputting horsepower, motor efficiency, power factor, and system voltage the system will calculate the disconnect size, feeder size, and starter size.

Positioning applications speed control applications. Parker wintips parker trilogy linear motor sizing software quickly size your linear motor application with the wintips software. Free capacity selection software is also available. A motor with a 50% duty cycle must stay off for the same amount of time it has.

If a motor is too small for an application it may not have sufficient torque to start the load and run it up to the correct speed. Orientalmotor control motor sizing should i remove it. Step and servo motor sizing software for cnc cnccookbook. Four motor frame sizes of 20 mm, 28 mm, 42 mm and 60 mm are available, as well as various geared motors. Specialist for stepping motors, linear drives, acmotors and brushless dcmotors, actuators and fans. While i really like the products, the company support is lacking.

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